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Diş hekimi Tolga Kutal , Ağız ve Diş Sağlığını içeren implant,cerrahi,protez,tedavi,endodonti,diş eti hastalıkları ve çocuk dişleri alanlarında 1995 yılından bu yana Tekirdağ’da hizmet vermektedir.

Diş doktorluğu alanındaki hizmet kalitesini yükseltmek için meslek sonrası eğitimleri ve inovasyonu en önemli önceliğimiz olarak belirleyip çalışmalarımızı sürdürmekteyiz.
Dişhekimi Tolga Kutal Tekirdağ Diş HekimiDişhekimi Tolga Kutal Tekirdağ Diş HekimiDişhekimi Tolga Kutal Tekirdağ Diş Hekimi

Dental Treatments


diş implantı tekirdağ

Implant Treatments

Implant treatment is a common treatment for missing teeth in today's dentistry. It is the best treatment against prostheses and bridge applications without damaging the surrounding tissues. The implant is placed in a special operation by the dentist to the bone in the missing tooth area. It is a screw system made of titanium which is completely texture friendly. Implant placement is a procedure performed under local anesthesia and most patients says implant surgery is easier than tooth extraction.


Çene cerrahisi implant gömük 20 yaş

Dental Surgical Operations

The wisdom teeth are problematic teeth because they cannot completly erupt and hard to brush due to the tightness of the jaws. In most cases, they must be surgically removed by the dentist in a sterile environment. In case we do not want to remove the teeth, the root end is removed with an operation called apitectomy and the tooth is kept in the mouth. Maintenance and cleaning after surgery is of great importance in surgical treatments.



şeffaf plak ortodonti


Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that examines, identifies and diagnoses the closure disorders and the position of the teeth in the jaws. Orthodontic treatment is performed at any age, but different types of treatments are applied according to the characteristics of all ages. In recent years, treatments with transparent plates instead of fixed brackets have become popular. In our clinic we made ortodontic treatment with only clear aligners. In very complicated cases, fixed orthodontic treatment with classical wires is recommended.

Lamine zirkonyum diş beyazlatma bonding

Cosmetic Dentistry

Aesthetical dentistry is a dental practice that aims to improve the appearance of teeth, gums and the smile of the patient in a way that does not disturb the functionality. Cosmetic dentistry laminated, zirconium, full porcelain crowns, composite vignettes, teeth whitening and These are the treatments that include applications such as smile design to be arranged by the dentist. The best results in cosmetic dentistry are provided by supporting the various applications in the field of dentistry in a supportive manner.

Çocuk dişleri

Children's Dentistry Pediatric Dentistry

Deciduous teeth are the leading teeth in the mouth. They guide the permanent teeth to erupt from the right places when the time comes. Loss of substance due to both dental caries and extraction; leads to permanent dental dislocation and costly orthodontic treatment. Therefore, deciduous teeth must be kept in the mouth. Early extraction should not be done. Even if its extracted the place shuld be kept by a placeholder. Fissure sealant and fluorination which will be applied in mixed dentition period, are the treatments that will prevent early decay of teeth.


Fixed and Movable Prosthetics

Dentures are fixed and mobile prostheses in order to eliminate tooth deficiencies in the mouth. Fixed prostheses can be made with tooth or implant support. Complete dentures are applied in cases of total toothlessness. These are now used as an implant supported to increase comfort. Dentist According to the measurements to be taken from the mouth of the patient after the appropriate arrangements by taking into account functional, aesthetic and phonetic dental defects are taken into consideration. Prostheses are produced within a certain period of time as a result of patient, dentist and dental technicians working in harmony.


Aesthetic Fillings and Root Canal Treatment

Aesthetic fillings are tooth-colored, which give the teeth a more natural look when treating decay and other such problems on the teeth.While in the past it was common to use amalgam black fillings, today they are no longer acceptable, from an aesthetic point of view. In some cases, the section of the vein and nerve pack inside the tooth When affected by tooth decay, these parts need treatment. Filling or coating can be applied after this treatment called root canal treatment.


Gum Disease Periodontology

Gingival diseases that occur as a result of tartar, plaque and systemic diseases in the surrounding tissues are among the most important health problems in our country and in the world. It can be removed by a dentist after a simple tartar cleaning, and sometimes there are complicated treatments that can go up to gum operations.


Oral Diagnosis and Radiology

Mouth, teeth and surrounding tissues are a whole. In the diagnosis and treatment planning, X-ray films must be examined and all surrounding tissues should be evaluated. In recent years, the importance of radiological examinations has increased as innovations in the field of dentistry have developed. In our clinic, panoramic 3D and periapical x-ray films are used for diagnosis.


Our Team

dişhekimi tolga kutal

Tolga Kutal


Dentist Tolga Kutal was born in 1971. He was graduated from Süleymanpaşa Primary School in Tekirdağ and he completed his middle and high school education in Private Işık High School at Fevziye Mektepleri Foundation. In 1992, he graduated from Marmara University Faculty of Dentistry as a dentist. He is married and has one child. He completed many post-vocational training sessions successfully both in Turkey and abroad. He speaks fluent English.

Çağla Çetin

Dental Assistant

She was born in 1988 in Tekirdağ. She completed her primary education in Namık Kemal Primary School and Zübeyde Hanım Technical Anatolian Vocational High School. In 2008, She successfully graduated from Trakya University Computer Technologies and Programming faculty.She worked as an intern in Tekirdağ Dental Hospital. She is still working as a dentist at the Tolga Kutal Oral and Dental Health Clinic. She is married and has two daughters.

Damla Nur Uçar

Dental Assistant

She was born in 1988 in Tekirdağ. She attended primary school in 50th year primary school. She completed her high school education at Zübeyde Hanım Technical High School for Girls. In 2008 she successfully graduated from Gazi University Computer Technology and Programming Department. She worked as an intern assistant at Trakya Göz Hospital in Tekirdağ. She is married and has two daughters. She is still working as a dentist in Tolga Kutal Oral and Dental Health Clinic.


implant diş

Intraoral implant Applications

  Implants; In order to replace missing teeth, it is an artificial tooth root which is mostly screwed into the jaw. Because the jawbone perceives titanium as part of the body, implants are mostly made of titanium,.....

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çene cerrahisi

Surgical Applications in Dentistry

  Surgical tooth extraction applications are the most common operations in dentistry. Oral, Dental and Maxillofacial Surgery;

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şeffaf plak ortodonti

Orthodontics with Transparent Plaques

    In recent years, most of our patients are looking for aesthetic solutions as an alternative to metal brackets in orthodontics. Transparent plates are a system that has emerged in the direction of this quest. Transparent Plates are beautiful and in most cases are as effective as metal braces. Let's start by writing the advantages.

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