Orthodontics with Transparent Plaques

Orthodontics with Transparent Plaques

2 April 2019 Our Services 0
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In recent years, most of our patients are looking for aesthetic solutions as an alternative to metal brackets in orthodontics. Transparent plates are a system that has emerged in the direction of this quest. Transparent Plates are beautiful and in most cases are as effective as metal braces. Let's start by writing the advantages.

Transparent plates are not visible from the outside when inserted. You will not have to compromise any aesthetic throughout the entire treatment.

It is very easy to clean your mouth and teeth during the treatment of your teeth. When you brush your teeth, remove the transparent plates and then replace them easily. There are many hiding places for plaque and tartar placement in treatments with classical braces, which increases your chances of gum disease and caries. For the same reasons, it is much easier to use dental floss for clear plaque treatment.

After the treatment, there is no possibility of white staining and staining caused by the braces.

As the cases are not very complicated, treatment times are shorter than the classical wires.
Patients begin treatment by seeing how the treatment ends before treatment and they are less costly than conventional wire treatment.

The only disadvantage of the transparent wires is that they are not used in very complicated cases which require tooth extraction. However, it is determined that the treatment will be effective in the pre-treatment analyzes and it is recommended that patients continue with conventional braces if necessary. Transparent plates, although widely used nowadays, are not an alternative to conventional braces in complicated cases.


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